Agricultural and construction machinery

That's the way it goes.

Agricultural and construction machinery are essential to our economy and to our daily lives. Connecting elements from MAGRO such as joint pins, cardan shafts, nozzle and hydraulic components also perform their service reliably in this industry day after day.

After all, anyone working in a wide variety of environmental- and weather conditions must be able to rely on the quality of each individual part. Procuring special- and drawing parts to meet your needs, or even commissioning individual products, are all part of our service. We are also happy to take on special requests such as painting in your corporate color – just check in with us.

  • Sourcing from bolts to washers to sowing shafts with a length of up to 3000 mm.
  • Custom paint jobs
  • Customized packaging solutions (KLT, lattice boxes, etc.)
  • Realization of individual initial sampling (e.g. PPAP or VDMA)
  • Batch tracing
  • Kanban

Sandra Lohrmann

Project Fulfilment