Automotive industry

Fast and reliable.

Whether it’s tow nuts, valve heads, injection nozzles and the like – MAGRO ensures that the wheels never stand still in this industry either.

Therefore, customers from the automotive industry are among our most important clients. The production of a car requires a high number of precisely manufactured drawing and special parts. Due to the wide variety of requirements, the shapes of the manufactured products are also highly variable. Thanks to our network and experience, we can respond quickly to your predefined request and take care of the procurement and logistics for your specific product – worldwide with framework contract quantities of up to several million units.

  • MAGRO supplies components made of all machinable steels in large and small series
  • Even the smallest series and one-offs made of special materials for use in racing, such as high-strength aluminum
  • In addition to the high qualitative requirements for tolerances and purity of processing
  • Process reliability in handling (e.g. clean batch tracing)
  • Management and assurance of multi-stage production processes incl. 100% control
  • Organization of constant JIT deliveries on a weekly basis with annual volumes in the million range
  • Realization of individual initial sampling for the automotive industry (e.g. PPAP or VDA)
  • Kanban solutions
  • Worldwide supply of plants
  • Realization of thread locks / adhesive locks (e.g. PRELOK)
  • Shock absorber technology – e.g. Pistons, covers, mounting eyes, guides, spring seats
  • Tow nuts, valve body pins, threaded rings
  • Injection nozzles

Thomas Stotko

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