Crane and lifting technology

High ambitions.

Tremendous forces are unleashed in crane and lifting technology. This requires maximum resilience for each individual element.

We and our partners know that maximum quality is the decisive factor here. We can ensure that this is correct through our comprehensive quality assurance in our in-house test laboratory. We also take care of the spare parts procurement process for you and ensure that our professional logistics management reduces maintenance and repair-related downtimes – because it is precisely process-critical operations that can cause high costs and have an impact on operational performance.


  • Safety-relevant components incl. material tracking with purity grades
  • Processing of flaw-tested material and realization of fissure tests
  • Adhesion annealing after galvanic surface treatments for hydrogen deembrittlement
  • Realization initial custom samples
    (e.g. PPAP)
  • Customized packaging solutions (KLT, lattice boxes, etc.)


  • Head bolts, washers, bushings, large shafts, hydraulic components

David Stotko

Project Fulfilment