Logistics and warehouse technology

Flexible and customer oriented.

Turned and milled parts for the production of roller systems for high-bay warehouses, bolts for loading platforms, assemblies for forklifts and much more.

Fasteners from MAGRO are processed worldwide. The decisive factor for us is to meet your expectations in terms of quality, deadline and price, because customer-oriented thinking and action have always determined our work. Put us in front of a task and we solve it.

  • Bolts are an essential component in the LL industry, where even highly precise deep hole drilling can be realized
  • Initial sample test reports according to factory standard
  • Realization of welding assemblies e.g. for locking bolts with lugs (also for stainless steel)
  • Realization QPQ coatings
  • Realization of individual initial sampling (e.g. PPAP)
  • Batch tracing
    • Bolts, bushings, rollers, spacer tubes, sleeves, shafts, cylinder heads, axles
    • Assembly realization like spring compressor

Lara Marie Pillich

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