Railroad technology

Smooth like on rails.

Two of the most important factors for the rail industry are speed and economy. To achieve this, the industry needs precisely manufactured fasteners on schedule that meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

Therefore, we also offer you the option of 100% quality control, in which every single part is checked in detail. Our logistics experts then ensure that you receive these professional and customized products in time for your production and deliver when the parts are actually needed.

  • In particular, shock absorber elements from door guides European metropolitan subways to vehicle shock absorber elements.
  • Fuse components incl. Realization of ultrasonic crack testing
  • Realization of customized initial samples
    (e.g. PPAP)
  • Customized packaging solutions (KLT, lattice boxes, etc.)
  • Shock absorber technology – e.g. Pistons, covers, mounting eyes, guides, spring seats
  • Bolts

Lara Marie Pillich

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